Since I started blogging about conscious living in 2017, a fair amount of progress has been made in terms of a shift in consumer attitudes towards sustainability. On the surface at least, it seems like more and more people want to make sustainable choices. This is evident from food to fashion, one of the most polluting industries in the world. I’ve seen lots of new, conscious brands pop up in the last few years, which focus on using recycled materials and less polluting production processes. …

I often find myself upset and frustrated by other people’s reaction, or lack of reaction, to climate change. When the topic is brought up in the lunchroom or over dinner, I can see the eyes glazing over and sense the complete lack of engagement with this issue. It seems as though there is no ‘appropriate’ setting to discuss climate change — it’s always deemed too serious or depressing. This makes me feel reluctant to bring it up at all, and leaves us all ignoring the issue, pretending it’s not there.

All the people in my life are good people. They…

I’m not vegan. That might seem hard to accept or controversial in some way, as I very much identify as an environmentalist. It’s a topic that comes up a lot in the online conscious living community and also in real life with friends and family. I always find it difficult to answer the question: “Are you vegan?”. “Well, sort of. 90% vegan. Mainly plant based. I guess I’m vegetarian” is usually how it goes.

The fact is that for me, it’s a complex issue. My approach to food encompasses a number of considerations and I can’t go around saying I’m…

Fiona McVitie

Environmentalist & conscious living blogger:

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